Unit Injector Pump / UIS

The unit injector system is a combination of a pump-line nozzle and an injector. The advantage of this system lies in the fact that even higher pressures can be used because the connection from the high-pressure pump to the injection nozzle are combined in one component. Some OEM producers such as Volvo, Scania, Iveco and VW etc. put their faith in this technology even though it involves making some structural modifications to the engine

Here too, our range includes the right test and repair tools as is it does for the pump-line nozzle. You will find all the spare parts you need for the repair of your UI systems in our portfolio, from the nozzle right on through to the valves and sealing rings. The O-rings and Teflon rings are subjected to particularly high demands in the unit injector system. We offer sealing kits for all standard car manufacturers.