Common Rail System

The common rail system has revolutionized diesel injection technology – thanks to injection pressures of up to 1800 bar the diesel engine can now achieve a performance that would have been inconceivable with mechanical injection systems. But higher pressures and shorter injection cycles also place higher demands on materials. In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, all our individual parts undergo intensive testing for different requirements and stressing. That is why, when it comes to common rail technology, we rely on our own test bench with which we can carry out not only endurance tests but can also simulate extreme situations. With our own in-house maintenance we are able to ensure the consistently high quality of our products.

We supply spare parts and completely repaired nozzle holders and high-pressure pumps for the common rail systems of Bosch, Siemens (Continental), Delphi and Denso. Whereby our focus here is not only on the HGV sector, we also offer an extensive spare parts programme for passenger cars and transporters that includes valve units, solenoids and nozzles, also with coated needles.